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Christian Metal Guitar


metal guitar licks
Jeff Garner - Guitar 

Welcome to the original website for Jeff Garner. I haven't changed the look since 1997!

guitar technique has been compared to  Paul Gilbert, Vinnie Moore, Yngwie Malmsteen, George Lynch, and Joe Satriani.

I have been playing guitar since 1979 with  training in classical guitar and later forming that into progressive/melodic rock music.

In the past I have performed as a session guitarist in the studio with many talented musicians and songwriters as well as composing my own material. Currently I am very excited to be part of the Pastor Brad band at

Here on this page you will be able to download original compositions and licks provided with tablature aimed for the Neo-Classical lover.

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Vintage Jeff Garner Audio Clips

True to myself
Check this out
On the line
Take me down
Far beyond the sun (Yngwie Malmsteen)

From the Blue Ivory Project

Eclectic Jungle
Blue Ivory

[A couple of shred guitar licks]

Lick #1    
Lick #2    
Lick #3    
Lick #4 Tab  
Lick #5 Tab  
Lick #6    
Lick #7    
Lick #8 Tab  
Lick #9    
Lick #10    
Lick #11    
Lick #12    
Lick #13 Tab  
Lick #14 Tab  
Lick #15 Tab  
Lick #16 Tab  


Lick 1 

Lick 2
Lick 3
Lick 4
Lick 5
Lick 6
Lick 7
Lick 8
Lick 9
Lick 10
Lick 11
Lick 12
Lick 13
Lick 14
Lick 15
Lick 16
Lick 17


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