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This page was last updated on March 27th 2002

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Welcome to the official  home page and the music vault of Jeff Garner. Here on this page you will be able to download original compositions and licks provided with some tablature aimed for the Neo-Classical lover. Jeff has been playing guitar for 25 years with his roots in classical and rock music. In the recent past he has performed live and in the studio with many talented musicians and songwriters. Currently Jeff is using the skills he has acquired in the studio over the past 15 years to contribute to local musicians and bands in the studio.


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These following Licks are some Shralping Licks from Jeff's Vault.

Lick #1 A longer lick in Cminor
Lick #2 A tastefull harmonic run 
Lick #3 Just jammin! 
Lick #4 An Aminor octave lick    Tab
Lick #5 Multiple finger-tapping    Tab
Lick #6 A lick in C 
Lick #7 A fast Eminor run
Lick #8 An A7 sequence    Tab
Lick #9 A nice E7 lick
Lick #10 A flashy Eminor lick
Lick #11 Eminor arpeggio
Lick #12 A Gmajor sequence
Lick #13 Bharmonic minor run    Tab
Lick #14 A lick from the song "Timeless"   Tab
Lick #15 Another lick from "Timeless"   Tab
Lick #16 Eminor arpeggio tap Tab
Jeff's remix of  Yngwie Malmsteens's "Far Beyond the Sun"

By popular request my remix (without) my guitar tracks:
"Far Beyond the Sun"  Hi quality Mp3 (cut and past url in your browser)

More Licks




Full and partial Compositions from Jeff

"Timeless" "Wheels" "On the line"
"Check this out" "Take me down" "Bachpeggios"

Copyright 2002 Jeff Garner


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